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Asked Questions

  • Do you all sell glasses & contacts in store?
    YES WE DO! We are a complete eye care service.
  • Where are you all located?
    1811 N. Greenville Ave. ST 200 Richardson, TX 75081 (BETWEEN Aday Cafe & Urban Eatz)
  • Why do my eyes feel tired after long hours of computer use?
    Eye strain - A fatigued feeling that can lead to tired eyes, headaches and blurry vision.
  • Why are my eyes red, burning sensation when I blink, itch and feel scratchy?
    Dry Eyes - Is a decrease in tear film from dehydration, environmental factors, various medical conditions, long computer use and medications. Symptoms vary from red,burning, itchy, scratchy eyes and depending on severity can affect your vision and glasses/contact prescription.
  • Why should I get a routine eye exam every year if my prescription has not changed?
    A routine eye exam not only determines your prescription but it can also monitor for various medical conditions such as dry eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, tumors and retinal detachments early before they become severe.
  • What are the black dots/wavy lines I see in my vision? Are they a problem?
    Floaters - These are collagen fibers in your vitreous fluid. They are only a problem if they are accompanied by lightning bolt flashes of light, increased floaters and a loss of vision.
  • Why do I have more problems reading since I turned 40 years old?
    Presbyopia - The inability to accommodate/focus on near objects related to age. Presbyopia can begin at 39 yo or 45 yo depending on occupation and visual demands. It can be corrected with glasses, contacts and in some cases surgery.
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