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Emergency Eye Care

If you encounter an eye emergency, you can turn to Chandra Gibbs, OD, at her private practice in Richardson, Texas. The team is available when you need them on short notice to save your vision and improve eye health. At the first sign of eye trauma, sudden vision changes, or injuries, call Dr. Chandra Gibbs, schedule an emergency eye care appointment online, or simply walk in today.

Additional Info

Dr. Gibbs and her team are there for you whenever you or your child requires immediate eye care. They help prevent serious complications and can even save your vision in some instances.

Why might I need emergency eye care?

You or your child might be a good candidate for emergency eye care if you experience:

  • Eye pain

  • Sudden vision changes

  • Vision loss

  • A traumatic eye injury

  • A foreign body in the eye

  • Red or itchy eyes

  • Bleeding from the eye

  • Different pupil sizes

  • Bulging eyes

  • Chronic or severe headaches

  • Light sensitivity

  • Burning or stinging

  • Eye discharge

You might require emergency eye care if you take a blow to your head or eye, scratch your eye, get something stuck in your eye, have an infection, or experience symptoms of serious eye disease. When in doubt, see Dr. Gibbs and her team at the first sign of eye pain or an injury.

What happens during emergency eye care visits?

Dr. Gibbs can see you the same day as an eye emergency. She offers relief if you or your child experiences eye pain. 

She reviews your medical and accident history and asks about symptoms. Dr. Gibbs might complete a dilated eye exam, assess your vision, or recommend undergoing imaging procedures to diagnose your condition and treat it.

What are common emergency eye care treatments?

Depending on the cause of your symptoms, Dr. Gibbs may recommend the following treatments:

  • Resting your eyes

  • Flushing out your eyes

  • Using a cold compress

  • Foreign object removal

  • Oral medications

  • Eye drops

  • Laser treatment

  • Surgical procedures

She personalizes each treatment to offer you the best outcome. Dr. Gibbs can refer you to a highly trained specialist if your condition requires it and follow up after your treatment.

Don’t neglect seeing an eye specialist in the case of an eye emergency. Call the office of Dr. Chandra Gibbs to book an emergency eye care visit, schedule an appointment online, or simply walk in today.


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